1850 - 2022

Sweets in syrup (“sweets of spoon”)

Sweets in syrup (“sweets of spoon”)

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12 variants of sweets of spoon from fine fruits.

  • Cherry: Greek bi-colour cherries made sweet and crispy
  • Sour cherry: full of scent, sweet & sour, soft, without artificial flavors nor colours.
  • Quince: grated as we’d have done it at home, it’s a great topping for yoghurt or ice-cream
  • Bergamot sticks: bergamot peel cut in blond sticks, full of natural scent
  • Strawberry: whole, juicy and fragrant strawberries
  • Fig: whole, soft and green Greek figs
  • Grape soultanina: a classic summer sweet, without pits
  • Chestnut: a winter, crisp, luxurious delicacy
  • Orange peel: for the lovers of citrus fruits
  • Bitter orange: the fruit peel with a delicate bitterness
  • Rose: a sweet as our great grand-mother used to make it
  • Aubergine sweet: the special one