1850 - 2023


Why Argoudelis handmade halva?

Argoudelis halva is produced with an art-like process dating more than 100 years back. Its soft taste and its crispy, fiber-like texture are some of the elements that make it so special…a simple in its composition and pure dessert that is worth tasting!

Our halva’s success is mainly due to:

a) The quality of its ingredients: halva is made of tahini that is produced in our own premises from the finest sesames globally. Thus, following a vertical production flow, we can control better its quality and taste. Furthermore, all other ingredients that are added to form the various halva variants are selected under strict quality criteria and come only from certified suppliers (dry nuts, cocoa, bitter chocolate, Chios mastic etc).

b) Handmade kneading process. “bonding” tahini with melted sugar in a caramelized form is a tedious process that our craftsmen are working solely by hand. The quantity produced is small, compared to big, automated industries but the experience on the palate is this of a luxurious, crispy and elegant dessert…


Tahini and melted sugar in the form of caramel


Tahini is getting mixed with the caramelized sugar


Kneading goes on… It’s a long process, an art that, in Argoudelis it is performed exclusively by hand.


Α tedious art-like process. Here, the “finishing” touch


Halva, with its fiber-like texture is ready to be served in its packaging!