1850 - 2023

Four generations of producers, we transform our craftsmanship in delight!

ARGOUDELIS Ltd is one of the few traditional Greek companies that produce hand-made halva from their own tahini (vertical production), ensuring this way its quality and exclusive taste.

A family story dating more than 4 generations back…our ancestors, transferring the passion from Smyrna, they built-up their know-how navigating the islands of the Aegean sea: Mytilini, Syros, Tinos, Mykonos, to end-up and establish their first plant in Piraeus in 1919.

Today, with love and respect to our products, we produce tahini, halva, greek loukoumi and traditional sweets the exact same way as back then!

The mission of the 4th generation of Argoudelis halva & tahini makers is:

To preserve 5 generations of consumers’ taste memory as back then. The consumer of our products to keep experiencing the delight & quality she/he deserves!


To safeguard our predecessors’ rare natural process of tahini making, hand-made halva and traditional sweets recipes, against nowadays’ heavy industrialization. In parallel, while continuing with traditional processes we follow certified standards of food quality & safety.


To listen to the market, the consumers, the new nutritional habits and to create new products for them.


To introduce younger consumer generations to traditional products that have remained in our life because they’re nutritionally valuable. To expand to even more neighborhoods, maintaining our selective distribution model (grocery stores, delicatessens, coffee roasters, bakeries, specialty stores etc). To address even more export markets. Today, the company exports to Russia, USA and 5 EU countries.


To keep offering our employees a pleasant working environment so that they also feel part of our family


To try and improve every day. To pass-on to the next generation a company they’d feel worth fighting for!

An awarded quality in our nutrition