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Where can I find your products?

Our products are distributed in stores with personal character, e.g. local super markets, mini markets, specialty stores and more where you will be served with a smile and from people who love what they do: delicatessens, grocery stores, coffee roasteries, bakeries etc. To learn where you can find them call at +30-2104812880 or email us info@argoudelis.com

If you reside in Greece you can order online from our retail e-store: eshop.argoudelis.com

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What does tahini contain, besides sesame?

Tahini classic (hulled) or whole grain is 100% ground sesame! There is no further added ingredient nor sugar. It’s the most natural and purest form you find in the market, and we sell Tahini both in retail and in bulk packaging.

For those of you who prefer Tahini sweet as a delicacy, you can taste the product line “Tahini twist”: tahini spreads with dry nuts and honey, in 3 flavors!

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There is presence of oil at the top of my tahini jar. Why does this happen?

Tahini is 100% ground sesame. The “oil” you may see at the top is nothing but sesame oil, coming from a natural separation process of the sesame grain from its oil. It happens when the product has stayed on shelf or in your drawer for a long time without being stirred. This does not imply lack of freshness as Tahini has a long-life span (2 years). We therefore recommend that you stir frequently with a clean fork or spoon so that you bring the product to its initial form and you avoid depositions which are then difficult to consume.

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Why do I find oil on my halva?

Halva is made of 50%+ of the beneficial Tahini (ground sesame)! Therefore, there may also be a small quantity of sesame oil when halva is exposed to higher temperatures. It’s a natural process that cannot be avoided due to the fact that our business has chosen to keep its recipe simple and natural and not to use additives that can reduce & hold sesame oil, thus making halva drier and more “resistant” to temperature changes…

So, if you see some sesame oil at the surface of your halva this does not imply lack of freshness and it can be consumed normally (provided that the product hasn’t expired – it has 2 years of life span). During summer months, we suggest you store halva in the fridge. Just take it out in ambience temperature few minutes before consuming so that is becomes soft & crispy again and…enjoy!

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How do I store/preserve your products? Which of them need to be placed in the fridge?

The majority of our products are stored in a dry place, away from sunlight and in ambience temperature. You just need to make sure that, as a good hygiene practice, you always use a clean spoon/knife/fork when entering it in the vase or cutting the products, and to serve with clean hands. This way you can ensure they will stay fresh as long as it is mentioned in the “best before” tag!

Only exception: the products “Marmelade Strawberry or apricot no sugar added with stevia”, which need to be stored in the fridge after opening and consumed up to 30 days later.

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Do you ship at home?

Yes! To get access to all our products available, visit our e-shop at eshop.argoudelis.com or call us at +30-2104812880 to place your phone order and get them delivered anywhere in Greece.

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Who can I talk to for any questions or product impressions?

Always happy to speak with you! You can call us @ +30-2104812880 (factory), via email: info@argoudelis.com or Facebook inbox (fb.com/Argoudelis.halva)