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People with “Ethos” – Products with quality – Kathimerini newspaper
People with “Ethos” – Products with quality – Kathimerini newspaper

Extract from the newspaper article for the Food quality awards of Gastronomos:

“Evi voutsina” quality award 2018 – Argoudelis halva

Tradition is sweet!

Argoudelis is 99 years old with the 4th generation at the steering wheel. Recipe & procedures are antique and they traveled from the island of Mytilini to Cyclades (Syros, Tinos, Mykonos) and from there to the final stop: Piraeus, Kaminia. Argoudelis family sources natural raw sesame which gets heated in open-type ovens and gets ground in stone-mill machines, twice, so that the Tahini acquires a velvety feel… Then tahini gets kneaded by hand with melted sugar from experienced craftsmen to produce halva. The warm halva gets served in its packs: the whole family in action – all the labour force a family. No weird flavors. The classics and some new: chios mastic, greek pistachio kernel, coffee, hazelnut…familiar things. They produce almost 55 tons of handmade halva and 40 tons of tahini yearly, but also marmelades and “fruits of spoon” (fruits in syrup), distributed in more than 700 point of sales in Greece. Over the last years they export part of their production.

Read more: https://www.kathimerini.gr/991025/gallery/epikairothta/ellada/an8rwpoi-me-h8os-proionta-me-poiothta

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