1850 - 2022

Raw energy balls with Argoudelis Tahini
Raw energy balls with Argoudelis Tahini

No baking needed. You can store in the fridge and it’s an ideal snack without unnecessary fat and sugar for the whole family!


  • 200gr Tahini (classic or whole grain)
  • 250gr oatmeal
  • 10 dried dates or dried figs
  • Honey
  • Defatted cocoa without sugar
  • Some cinnamon


Dip the dates or figs for few minutes in water so that they get smoother and then throw them to a blender together with honey, tahini, cocoa and cinnamon. After the blend is ready, add the oatmel and stir again. Shape the little energy balls with your hands and roll them onto some more cocoa for a delicious decoration, like in the photo.

Bon appetit!

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