1850 - 2022

Halva bulk size 5kg

Halva bulk size 5kg

Argoudelis halva is also available in bulk sizes of 5kg (square plastic tuppers, with safe-open clip), for grocery and delicatessen stores who can cut it and serve it to you in any portion you wish.

  • Almond halva
  • Vanilla halva
  • Cocoa halva
  • Halva with cocoa & almond
  • Halva with Greek pistachio kernel
  • Halva with the original, natural Chios mastic
  • Halva with coffee
  • NEW! Halva with dark chocolate & almond
  • NEW! Halva with orange & dark chocolate
  • NEW! Halva with whole grain tahini, brown sugar & blueberries
  • NEW! Halva with bergamot & cinnamon