1850 - 2022

Halva bulk size 2,5kg

Halva bulk size 2,5kg

Argoudelis halva is also available in bulk sizes of 2,5kg for grocery and delicatessen stores who can cut it and serve it to you in any portion you wish. The halva bar 2,5kg comes at a practical packaging of soft aluminium foil with an extra plastic back for easier storage.

Available in 10 variants, for classic or more modern tastes – all within the scope of our Greek flavors’ tradition. Don’t forget to try the 4 new variants which will come as a surprise to the consumers who prefer more gourmet options!

  • Almond halva
  • Vanilla halva
  • Cocoa halva
  • Halva with Greek pistachio kernel
  • Halva with the original, natural Chios mastic
  • Halva with coffee
  • NEW! Halva with dark chocolate & almond
  • NEW! Halva with orange & dark chocolate
  • NEW! Halva with whole grain tahini, brown sugar & blueberries
  • NEW! Halva with bergamot & cinnamon