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No-sugar-added products
No-sugar-added products

Listening to the ever-increasing need of consumers to reduce their daily intake of sugar or glucose, we innovate by bringing you a line of products in which no sugar is added, the taste is maintained as natural as it can get and with the Argoudelis quality you already know.

Dessert from Tahini, no-sugar added with sweeteners and Stevia!

Try our product line “Ariston”: Dessert from Tahini, no-sugar added with sweeteners and sweetener from the stevia plant! Handmade “Ariston” has a crispy feel and a taste that will compensate for that of a classical halva. It is suitable for consumers who avoid sugar because of a special regime or just prefer less sweet products.

Available in 3 variants: vanilla flavor, with whole almonds or with cocoa.

Marmelades (90%) no-sugar added, with sweetener from the Stevia plant

New recipe!

A velvety marmalade that contains 90% of fruit and no additional sugar, besides the natural sugars contained in the fruit. The sweetener from the stevia plant gives its special taste.
No preservatives, artificial colour or flavors are added. Store in the fridge after opening.
Accompanies lightly your breakfast, snack or dessert and is suitable for people on a diet or who just avoid sugar

Available in 250gr glass jar, and 2 flavors: STRAWBERRY & APRICOT

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